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KwanThai wins on points againt an Indonesian challenger

KwanThai wins on points againt an Indonesian challenger


On Dec 28th 2007, the temporary stadium at ChorChaMuang restaurant was the scene for world boxing PABA. Top of the bill was the fight between KwanThai ChorNorPhatthalung(Thai boxer), the PABA 150 pounds Champion and Sofyan E Fendi, the Indonesian challenger.

In the 1st round, Fendi used his reach advantage to alternate heavy punches to the head and body of the Thai boxer, KwanThai was able to block Fendi’s attack and counter-attacked Fendi fiercely many times. Both boxers exchanged punches together with violent attacks. 

In the 4th round, KwanThai used his speed of footwork to counter-attack the Indonesian boxer and move back to the outside. The Thai Boxer looked in control against to the Indonesian challenger. However near the end of the 5th rounds, Fendi attacked fiercely with a right punch to KwanThai’s chin. KwanThai went down for an 8 count but the Thai boxer was not defeated. KwanThai still used skilful footwork and punched Fendi many times. 

In the rest of the round, Fendi increased the speed of his fighting and waded into the challenger, but KwanThai was able to avoid Fendi attack and counter-attack the Indonesian challenger.
Finally, KwanThai won on points 116-112,116-111,115-112 and successfully defended his PABA championship.

Source : Siamsport Newspaper on December 28, 2007

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