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Lilie Copperthwaite
Lilie Copperthwaite's record in kickboxing is truly remarkable, especially for someone as young as 15.
Hayley Ward's story is an inspiring example of determination to triumph over adversity.

Faith Harvey
Faith's most recent achievement in her short, but remarkably successful, career is to come back from Italy with the Unified World Titles for Muay Thai and K1. Already, only 18 months after starting training, she is ranked No1. in Britain at 43.44 kg.

Billie Maher
Recently Billie gained remarkable recognition for a teenage kickboxer when her local radio station named her Sports Star of the Year.

Alicia Chambers
At the age of only 13 Alicia is a multiple champion in both national and international tournaments.

James Dunphy
He started as a 14-year-old who didn't really like any sport and wasn't good at sports and games. However, kickboxing clicked instantly with him and he has gone on to success after success.

James Kelly
Although he is only 18, James has already had 28 fights. He claims to be 'the guy who will literally fight anyone...
Keri Webster
As a 24-year-old mother of two Keri Webster started training for kickboxing to lose weight, but found to her surprise that it totally changed her life.
Cian McCormack
At the age of 18 Cian McCormack has already taken on many of the best fighters in the world with great success – his record is 20 wins, 5 losses and 1 draw...
Keenan Dixon

Zachary Evans
Zachary Evans is the other half of the formidable duo, The Evans Twins. His twin brother, Owen, featured on the Hall of Fame some months ago, is also a highly successful kickboxer and, like Zachary, a multiple champion.
Alex Bagley
Alex Bagley began training at the Mersey Thai gym at the age of 9 and made such good progress that he had his first fight only six months later.
Connor Flamson
Already at 12 Connor is a First Dan Black Belt, with a good record in different styles of kickboxing.
Owen Evans
Owen Evans has been training in Muay Thai and kickboxing for four years, but only fighting for three years in which he has fought all over the country and collected a string of titles.
Bradley Beck
Bradley Beck began training for kickboxing at the age of five and now ten years later (September 2016) has a string of titles, plus two silver medals at the Unified World Championships in Benidorm, followed by a gold and a bronze medal in Italy.

Terri Stuart
Though only 17, Terri Stuart has long experience in kickboxing as she was part of the very first class when the North East Kickboxing Academy opened its doors in 2009.
Nakia Wright
Nakia ‘Dropbear’ Wright’s short, but promising, career shows how international a sport Muay Thai is.

At 22 Annabelle Shoob has already had a remarkable career in kickboxing.

Sinead Yule
Sinead Yule

Sinead lives and trains in Dundee, Scotland. She has been training from the age of 8 and since then has never stopped fighting, winning numerous championships all over the world.

Amy Timlin
Amy Timlin
lives in Birmingham, but travels to Walsall to train with Gavin Burrows at Trojan Gym. Though she is only 15, she has been training for 10 years, originally in Thai boxing.

Leo Szulc
Leo Szulc
Leo Szulc is an outstanding young French kickboxer whose next target on November 22 is a World title fight in England.

Gemma Hines
Gemma Hines

Gemma Hines began training in Martial Arts as recently as August 2013. Initially her intention was to gain confidence and lost weight after the birth of her second child, but...


Jak Jowers
Jak Jowers

'I achieved my most recent title on the scales when the previous champion Francis Conlin of Cleveland Kickboxing made no efforts to maintain his weight category...

Korina Papachrysanthou
Korina Papachrysanthou

Korina Papachrysanthou now often trains with the most popular Greek female kickboxer and a fighter much loved and admired by all at Hero Sporto, Maria Iron Barbie Pantazi.

Jorgie Fuller
Jorgie Fuller
Jorgie Fuller has been kickboxing since the age of six when he saw the film Karate Kid and was inspired to fight and show off his skills.

Kyle Payne

I started kickboxing because I had tried many sports in the past and had not enjoyed them...

Niamh Kinehan

After a long unbeaten career as a junior, Niamh Kinehan has now had one Novice fight as a senior and is looking forward to her first C Class fight.

Chayden Carpenter
Chayden Carpenter
Like his fellow-Hall of Famer Jenson Rowley, Chayden is a member of the remarkably successful TKO Elite gym in Chatham, Kent...

Jacqui Bogart
Jacqui Bogart

Jacqui Bogart is one of the UK’s most respected and experienced female Muay Thai fighters, with two British titles and one European to her name and a record of 18 Muay Thai fights...

David Ryan
David Ryan

David Ryan began kickboxing at the age of 13 because he had been bullied at school for years. read more>>

Steven Raybould
Steven Raybould

Steve Raybould has been fighting for eight years and describes himself as very hard-working and dedicated to the sport even...

Aaron Stafford
Aaron Stafford

The young Irish kickboxer Aaron Stafford has been training for kickboxing since the age of 11 and had his first fight when he was 12.

Maximiliano Cruz
Maximiliano Cruz
Max Cruz, who is trained by Billionmore Hall of Famer Jessie Magusen, began Muay Thai training at the age of 11 and had his first fight at the age of 12 at the Muay Thai Classic Tournament in Iowa, making it through to the championship fight...


Astonishingly, at the young age of 15 (as of April 2014), Caitlin Chapman has been training for kickboxing for nearly 12 years. When she was 4...
read more>>

It’s unusual, though not unique, to find twin sisters, both with very successful records in Muay Thai, but an added twist with the Butler sisters is that ...
Angel Jade Curtis
Angel Jade Curtis

Still only 11, by December 2013, Angel Curtis had built up an astonishing record of 45 wins in 45 fights in a single year of training for Muay Thai.

Callum Macgregor
Callum Macgregor

Though only 14 (as of November 2013), Callum has been kickboxing for 7 years and picking up titles from the age of 9...
Kieran Jones

Kieran Jones

Kieran Jones started kickboxing at the age of 17 in February 2010. He gives a rather unusual reason for taking up the sport...


Sammy-Jo Luxton, one of the highly impressive young stars at Chaos gym in Okehampton, Devon, began training for Muay Thai in August 2010 in order to improve her self-defence and increase her fitness for other sports...
Jessie Magusen
Jessie Magusen

Jessie Magusen has been training in Muay Thai for about six years and has now, in the summer of 2013, just started a professional career that he hopes will take him on to professional championships...

Chantelle Tippett


Jenson Rowley
Jenson Rowley


Jenny Tasidoy
Daniel ‘Black Licorice’ McDonald
Kaye Crisp

Kaye Crisp
LordHell Muay Thai, Leigh-on-Sea

T.J. Everett
When Billionmore sponsored the Celtic Challenge 8-man tournament for youngsters up to 34 kg at Barnsley on September 3rd, T.J. Everett, with eight junior title belts to his credit, was one of the favourites to carry off the title.
Stacey Louise Reile

Stacey Louise Reile
IBF female featherweight world champion

James Gridley

IKF English Under 18 Full Contact Champion
ITF Tae Kwon Do World Champion
ITF Tae Kwon Do European Champion
JFCC 4 Nations 75kg Full Contact Champion
English, Welsh, British and London TKD Champion
English IKF Full Contact 77kg Junior Champion


Amanda McWilliams

Amanda McWilliams was not a particularly early starter at Muay Thai, beginning training at the age of 21 in 2006 and having her first interclub in Summer 2007.

Matt Smith

CLUB   Silipa Muay Thai (formerly Fire Cobra) Darlington
COACH  Ajarn Paul Pearson

Ryan Coley
Kyukoshin karate British title
WKA Junior British title 75kg

WKA World Junior title 75kg
ISKA Amateur English title 70kg

     5 x WKA Scottish Champion
            WKA British Champion
            WAKO British Champion
            EFK British Champion
            CMAA British Champion

Mason Harris

FK1 Tournament Champion 70kg
ISKA Midlands Men’s Adult Champion 66.6kg
IKF English Men’s Adult Champion 67kg


Richard Hines
ISKA English Champion 60kg
Cassie Murdoch
2009 WKA British Junior 40kg Muay Thai Champion
2009 WKA World 45kg K1 Champion
2009 WKA World 45kg Muay Thai Champion

Darren Till
Maria Pantazi
World Championship Gold Medal, WKA Thai Boxing, 2008
World Championship Silver Medal, WKA K1, Huelva, Spain, 2009
Greek Champion
Gold Medals in Athens Challenge Tournament, WAKO and Zen International Championship. 2007-2009
Stephen Primrose
European Kickboxing Champion July 2009
Intercontinental Kickboxing Champion
Sheree Halliday

IKF European Champion 60 kg
WPKL British Champion 61 kg

ISKA English Champion


Scott Allan

WKA Ring Sports World Champion k-1 rules 2008 (50kg)
WKA EUROPEAN Champion 2008

Rain Karkinen

Estonian Muay thai Middleweight Championship2006

Estonian Kick Boxing Champion  2008

Sam Mitchell
BTBC British Champian 2007
Leif Taggart

Golden belt Atomweight Junior World Champion 2007

BuakawNoi MakiGym
Star of Muay Thai boxing in the next century - BuakawNoi MakiGym, Okinawa, Japan
Jordan Calder
Top Scottish Star of Junior Champion !!!
Liam Robinson
ISKA Professional British Super welterweight Muay Thai 2007
Christi Campbell
'Muay Thai 80 Pansa MahaGuson TherdTai Ong Rachan' for the WPMF title 2007
Dean Lessei
Thai Boxing Commission Heavy weight Champion and head coach of Team Singto.
Chris Deakin
Derek Webber


2006 IKF World Junior Boys Featherweight Title

David Dorozsmai

Junior championship WAKO Kick Boxing World Cup in  Low-Kick (13 of May 2007)

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Lilie Copperthwaite
Lilie Copperthwaite's record in kickboxing is truly remarkable, especially for someone as young as 15.

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Jini Start from Scratch (episode 3) Being Warm like the Family

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Tong Jai Na Rong Loei Ang Thong
From Thairath online newspaper in June 2017, we've known a 14-year-old girl who loves and has ability in boxing in order to earn money for family which has an old father and a small income.

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