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Unbelievable defeat for Bua Khao in Japan


Unbelievable defeat for Bua Khao in Japan


“Dam dot com” Bua Khao Por Pramuk was knocked out in the 3rd round by Yoshihiro Sato, the Japanese fighter who he had beaten twice before.  Unbelievably, the favourite was defeated in the second round of K1 World Max in 2008 on July 7th


The Last Eight stage of the K1 World Max in 2008 {70Kg.} took place at Podium Nippon Budogan on Monday 7th July, a holiday which meant the stadium was full with over ten thousand Japanese fans.


In the first contest in the first round Yasuhiro Kido, the Japanese boxer, met Arthur Keechnego, the Ukrainian boxer.  In this fight Keechengo had the decisive punching power to win clearly.  In the next contest, Andy Sarer, defending his championship from last year and looking strong, defeated Warren Stewellman, the African boxer.


After that the Thai Bua Khao Por Pramuk, twice former champion {2004-2006}met Yoshihiro Sato, his old enemy who he fought twice before, with Bua Khao winning both times.  In this fight, in the 1st round Bua Khao used kicks and punches to hit and control his opponent.  Sato, though taller than his opponent, was no match for him.


The second round was more exciting.  Sato began fiercely, punching and kicking all the time, but Bua Khao was superior to him.  In the third round Sato attacked intensely, but Bua Khao counter-punched successfully.  Both exchanged punch for punch and Bua Khao just avoided a right cross to the face. Bua Khao faded as the round went on, was defeated in the third round and, incredibly, failed to reach the final.


In the last fight Masato, formerly champion for one year and the best superstar in this field, Japan K1 at the moment, defeated  Draco, the Armenian boxer, beautifully.  So, in the semi-final round of the championship, Andy Sauer, the two-time champion from Holland, will meet Arthur Keechengo, the Ukrainian boxer.  Sato gets through to meet Masato in the semi-final round which will beheld on 1st October.


Source : Siamsport Newspaper on July 7, 2008







Last modified : 26 Dec 2008 - 01:31 PM (GMT+7:00)
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