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The leading promoter of Thai girl boxers in the international arena


                        Priyakorn  Ratanasuban

The leading promoter of Thai girl boxers in the international arena


 The executive producer of  the company “Wansongchai” Ltd.  thinks that  boxing especially girl boxing can go international and today she has an opportunity to make sure that Thai and international  boxing takes off in Thailand.


 Priyakorn Ratanasuban became accustomed to Thai boxing because of her father: she is the youngest daughter of the Ratanasuban family.


You are accustomed to Thai boxing from childhood, aren’t you?

Yes, my father took me to watch boxing when I was a child.  Wherever he went  abroad or in Thailand, I went always.  At that time, I didn’t know whether I liked it or not, but when the crowds clapped their hands to my father, I was always proud of him.

I went with my father continuously until I was studying in university and saw many poor people that had not anything.  So, I have my motto to help this poor.  After, graduating I worked with Thai Petroleum as a secretary for 1.5 years, and went to study abroad and then came back to help my father.


Boxing is seen as suitable for a man.  How about you?  You’re a girl.

I went to the boxing field for the first time, when I was a child studying at secondary school.  Besides, I worked with my family when I studied at primary school.  I was a grilled meat-balls seller at my father’s boxing field.  And because  the house is near my father’s boxing field,  every one knew me.


From the past until now, do you have the same or different policy from Mr. Songchai?

I say to my father that my policy is not the same as yours.  I  look at aspects of  information , and  marketing.  I think every boxer should have her good point such as Nong Tuktapet, she is cute as a majorette and good at boxing.  Her father is an undertaker, sometimes she has to deal with corpses, so her mind is strong. She has many fans.  

Another girl named Jom Yood Ying lives at Srisakes.  She fought when she was only  small, and went on her father’s motorcycles everywhere that had a boxing match.

Even though my father’s policy and mine are different, the thing is we have to conserve this type of sports.  Besides, we want to build Thai boxer and World Champions.  As the time go by , my father can build WBA and WBC for nine persons to be Champions and this is arousing me to be the same as my father, so, I’m like my father.


In the  past, the girl boxing is not popular, is it?

In the rural area, there are a lot of Thai girl boxers, but they have no arena to fight in  so they quit it. This point can direct that if we do not support them, one day the Thai girl boxer will disappear.


What are the obstacles to Girl boxing?

The body, age and menstruation , the practice is not so hard. 


As time goes by, do you have any problems or obstacles that you are tired of?

I have the problem with arranging the boxer, who is in red who is in blue corners, and every one wants to win so I have to be totally neutral.

But if I have a serious problem, I will consult with my father.  And the obstacles can be overcome eventually.


Besides arranging boxing for girls, does the Wansongchai Company do anything else?

We have a school to teach boxing to people in general, children, youths and middle aged men.  Besides, because we are Thai , we should expand this sport to other places.  Now, I co-operate with  the university for boxing in our stage.  If we don’t do like this, this kind of art will disappear one day.

Furthermore, we have contact with Paveena Foundation to give the weak person the   knowledge and practice of boxing to protect himself.


From the past until now, does your management have a fixed aim or not?

No,  my  aim is for my boxer to fight abroad and receive awards. The Thai girl boxer should love herself and love Thai boxing. 

Even though her dream is distant, but with her power both physical and mental, she can reach her dreams in one day.



Born:27  February 1980

Education :   secondary  Trium School

                      Thammasat University

                      MBA English,  Mahidol University

Books            Political, marketing

Music            Pop, classics

Sports            Boxing, Fitness

Way of Life    You should beware yourself and do everything with social                                  integrity

Way to work                     Every one must confront the obstacles, but you should find the way.

Source : Lisa Magazine.

By : Hero Sporto'




Last modified : 26 Dec 2008 - 01:25 PM (GMT+7:00)
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