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Open the world of Muay Ying with Kriang Suk.





                 Open the world of Muay Ying with Kriang Suk.

Open the world of Muay Ying with Kriang Suk.

Billionmore (BM) interviews Kriang Suk, the trainer of Kiert Kriang Suk Camp, with his niece, the outstanding Muay Ying (female Thai boxer), Duen Napha.





BM:  At first, how many boxers did you have?

Kriang Suk:  Around 3 persons.


BM:  And now?

Kriang Suk:  Around 10 persons.


BM:  In the beginning were there any problems?

Kriang Suk:  With the budget and a place to practise which nowadays are still problems.


BM:  What do you plan for the future?

Kriang Suk:  I want to build up other Muay Ying. 


BM:  About the boxers in this camp, how do they come to you?

Kriang Suk:  The school board declares who they should be.


BM:  Why do you want to build up the Muay Ying?

Kriang Suk:  Because of Duen Napha.


BM:  What is the daily life’s schedule of boxers?

Kriang Suk:  5.30 p.m.  running about 12-14 kms.

                                      Skipping for 10 minutes.

                                      Bringing up the knee against a person and kicking sand bag 

                                      For 500 times. 

BM:  Are females interested in Thai boxing?

Kriang Suk:  Nowadays the interest is quite good.


BM:  Where are the arenas for fighting?

Kriang Suk:  Modern Nine Channel and up country arenas.


BM:  Do you have any support from the Government?

Kriang Suk:  No support any more.


BM:  How often do boxers have to go onto the stages?

Kriang Suk:  Every three months.


BM:  How do you know which female has a gift?

Kriang Suk:  Such as Duen Napha, she won first time thanks to her talent, so she decided to be a Muay Ying.


BM:  Who is the dominant female boxer in your camp?

Kriang Suk:  Duen Napha.


BM:  Who is her teacher?

Kriang Suk:  In the past 30 years he has been called  “Kriang Suk W.S. Kaset Chaiyapoom”





BM:  If there are foreigners interested in female boxing, are they welcome?

Kriang Suk:  Female boxers spend 500 Baht per day, including the room and food, but they must come to negotiate whether they can eat Thai food and stay in the  rooms that we prepare for them or not.

The camp is located on

                        Kiert Kriang Suk Camp

                        Kriang Suk   Tantawa

                        82/189  Sirichai Village

                        Tumbon Oomyai, Amphur Sampran

                        Nakorn Pathom 73160


BM:  What are the differences between a male boxer and Muay Ying?

Kriang Suk:  It is the same.


BM:  What are the female costumes?                                    

Kriang Suk:  The female has to wear bra and vest.


BM:  Have you ever promoted your camp in any way?

Kriang Suk:  No, I’ve never.



Duen Napha is Muay Ying who won the first prize of OneSongChai Camp.  Today, she has practised with Kiert Kriang Suk Camp.


BM.  When was the beginning of your Muay Ying life?

Duen Napha:  About 12 years old.


BM:  Do you like boxing?

Duen Napha:  My uncle brought me to fight, and I liked it.


BM:  How many years have you practised  Muay Ying?

Duen Napha:  two years.


BM:  What is the obstacle to being Muay Ying?

Duen Napha:  When the examinations are on in school, I can’t control the time well.


BM:  What is your dream for Muay Ying?

Duen Napha:  I want to go to the Olympics.


BM:  What is the benefit of being Muay Ying?

Duen Napha: It makes you strong and healthy.


BM:  What level are you fighting to?

Duen Napha:  For  OneSongChai, I have to be a champion.


BM:  Who is your inspiration?

Duen Napha:  Kra Tae of  OneSongChai Camp, and Ying Thip.


BM:  Before you practised in this camp, did you have another camp?

Duen Napha:  I used to practise with S. Anchalee Camp and later at Kiert Kriang Suk Camp until nowadays, I still have practised with Kiert Kriang Suk Camp.


BM:  For fighting, do you have some Nickname?

Duen Napha:  No, I use Duen Napha only.




Name:              Duen Napha  Tantawa

Date of Birth:  16 April 1994

Weight:            50 kgs.

Height:             162 cms.

Education:         High School

Reading:           boxing books

Music:               pop music   

Hobbies:           volley ball, running, boxing

Food:                 papaya and orange

Colour:              pink

Dreams:             Olympics


   By : Hero Sporto'













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