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Visit to the camp of students of Kru Pong.






 Visit to the camp of students of Kru Pong.



    Billionmore (BM) interviews another trainer and his star Muay Ying to find out more about the world of female Muay Thai.  This time BM spoke to Kru Pong, the owner of  Camp of students of Kru Pong Student Camp and Kaew Fah.






BM:  At first, how many boxers did you have?

Kru Pong:  Around 4 persons.


BM:  And now?

Kru Pong:  Around 6 persons.


BM:  In the beginning were there any problems?

Kru Pong:  No, there weren’t.  But later there are the scarcity of  punch bags and other problems.


BM:  How do you solve this problem?

Kru Pong:  I have to help myself because I am an official who the government doesn’t involve and help.


BM:  What do you plan for the future?

Kru Pong:   Next month, I will train a lot of boxers because I will graduate with a Master’s Degree in Education Administration  and will be the next headteacher.  Besides, I will bring my knowledge to develop this camp.


BM: About the boxers in this camp, how do they come to you?

Kru Pong:  Most of them are my relatives who live in the nearby village and their parents have no time to look after these children.


BM:  What about the children, do they like boxing?

Kru Pong:  Some like it and want to fight.


BM: Why do you want to build up the Muay Ying?

Kru Pong:   I have male boxers, too.


BM: What is the daily life’s schedule of boxers?

Kru Pong:   15.30 p.m.  running about 12-14 kms.

                                     Skipping for 30 minutes.

                                      Bringing up the knee against a person and kicking sand bag 

                                      For 500 times.






BM:  Are females interested in Thai boxing?

Kru Pong:  Nowadays the interest is quite good because they like boxing.


BM:  Where are the arenas for fighting?

Kru Pong:   Up country arenas.


BM:  Do you have any support from the Government?

Kru Pong:  No, I don’t.


BM: How often do boxers have to go onto the stages?

Kru Pong:   Every three months.


BM:  How do you know which female has a gift?

Kru Pong:  Such as Kaew Fah, she is clever so I knew that she is talented.


BM: Do the talented and non-talented boxers practise the same?

Kru Pong:  No, they are different.  Sometimes one who is clever is lazy in practice, while the non-talented try hard and fight all the way.


BM: Who is the dominant female boxer in your camp?

Kru Pong:  Kaew Fah.  She has a responsibility and patience that I will improve until she grows up.


BM:  Who is her teacher?

Kru Pong:  Her teacher is Ole  Sakphoothorn, the present teacher.


BM: What are your statistics in boxing?

Kru Pong:   I had more than 60 competitive fights. At that time, around C.E. 1981, it was 40 baht.   I quit from fighting to be a trainer at 22 years old and then became a teacher.


BM:  If there are foreigners interested in Muay Ying, do you welcome them?

Kru Pong:  There is no fee but you must contact the Camp of Ajarn Yuthachai.  My camp now is not ready for that point but you can contact me now.  And my address is:


                        Camp of students of Kru Pong

                        Theerapong  Sriphoothorn

                        Amphur Ban Dan Lan Hoi

                        Sukhothai province.




BM: What are the differences between a male boxer and Muay Ying?

Kru Pong:  They are the same because it uses the same rules.


BM:  Have you ever promoted your camp in any way?

Kru Pong:   Yes, I have to promote the boxers with Mr. Oil , the owner of website of Thai boxing.


BM:  Is  the advertisement on the web site?

Kru Pong:   Yes.


BM: And how many people make contact with you?

Kru Pong:  On  average 2-3 people a month who want to fight abroad.







Kaew Fah is Muay Ying who  today, has practised with Camp of students of Kru Pong.


BM:  When was the beginning of your Muay Ying life?

Kru Pong:  About 15 years old.


BM:  Do you like boxing?

Kaew Fah:  My teacher brought me to see what it was like and then I liked it.  First, I wanted to be a runner but I couldn’t win the gold medal.  So, I changed to Muay Ying to win championships.


BM:  And being a runner can help you in boxing?

Kaew Fah: It can help me a lot in patience and tolerance.


BM:  Before going to the fight, are you frightened?

Kaew Fah:   Yes, but the trainer talks  to me until I became calm.


BM:  Do you study your opponent before each fight?

Kaew Fah: Of course.  And the promoter is careful to match the fighters sensibly.


BM: How many years have you practised  Muay Ying?

Kaew Fah:  Four years.


BM:  What is the obstacle to being Muay Ying?

Kaew Fah:  No, there are no obstacles for me.


BM:  What is your dream for Muay Ying?

Kaew Fah:  I want to be selected for the national team.


BM: What is the benefit of being Muay Ying?

Kaew Fah:  It makes you strong, healthy, and for protection.


BM:  What level are you fighting to?

Kaew Fah:   I want to be a champion because I like the way boxers fight.






BM:  Before you practised in this camp, did you have another camp?

Kaew Fah:   No, this is the first camp for me.


BM:  For fighting, do you have some Nickname?

Kaew Fah:   No, I use only Kaew Fah, Sis Kru Pong (student of Kru Pong).


BM: Are your family supporting you, or not?

Kaew Fah:   Yes, they are.


BM: Where does your hope come from?

Kaew Fah:  From my father, mother and Kru Pong.


BM: Have you ever failed until you don’t want to fight?

Kaew Fah:   No, I haven’t.


BM: Why do you fight?

Kaew Fah: :  For a good job in the future.  Because if you are an athlete, you can get a job in a government office and have a good salary.


BM:  Do you want to be a professional Muay Ying?

Kaew Fah:   I plan to retire from  Muay Ying when 25-26 years old and then become a promoter instead.


Today, it is a good opportunity for Muay Ying, only if you have the patience to practise and be a good one to be a good example in our society.  Let’s try! You will be the winner of your life soon.









  Name:              Manasanun  Mingsakul

  Nickname:        Kaew Fah

  Date of Birth:  12 May 1989

  Weight:            52 kgs.

  Height:             160 cms.

  Music:               Thai classical  music   

  Food:                 apple

  Colour:              purple

  Dreams:             Thailand nation athlete


By : Hero Sporto'





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