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The history and equipment of Muay Thai(1)


The history and equipment of Muay Thai




   The legend:


            Humans of all nations have a way for protection.  The legend found that the Sumerians (who lived near Nile river) have been fighting for almost 5,000 years while the Chinese has “Pakung” more than 2,000 years.  Furthermore, Thais had created the fighting of “Phan Lum” that meant all over area.

            So, Muay Thai happened for such a long time.

            In the year of B.E. 2310, Krung Sri Ayuthya had been hit and changed to Burma, there was Nai Khanom Tom  who is the father of Muay Thai and won all 10 fights against Burmese.





   At the reign of Thonburi

            In the Phraya Tak era, there were good boxers such as Nai Tai Kru Muay of Muang Tak, Nai Muk of the capital and Nai Thongdee Funkao from Uttaradit.





      Krung Ratanakosin era


            We can divide Muay Thai into 5 periods as the following:


1.      In the period of Suan Kulap, the famous boxers are Nai Tab Jumkor, Nai Yang Hantale.

2.      In the period of Tha Chang that is located in the Thai museum,  the famous boxers are Nai Kummei Muangyod from Khelang Nakorn.

3.      In the period of Suan Sanook that is located in Suan Lumpini with Nai Saman Dilokvilas, Sompong Vesshasit, Phol Phrapradang, and Nai Air Muangdee.

4.      In the period of Lak Muang and Suan Jao Chet that is located in the garden of Jao Chet the famous boxers are such as Pon Prapadang, Tawan Wongtheves.

5.      At present, it is located in Sanam Muay of Rajadamneun that at first there are no roof so the Sanam Muay Thammasat happens instead.  The famous boxers are Suk Prasartphimai, Surachai Looksurin.  Nowadays, they change to Rajadamneun and has broadcast too.




The beginning of amateur Muay Thai has this sports into the school for 5 schools’

Vidhayalai Visha KarnSukSa, Phalasuksa, Vidhayalai Phalasuksa of Chiang Mai province, Mahasarakam province, Chonburi province and Yala province.






The way for blessing Teacher


It is made for pay  respect to the teachers and to exercise the movement of your body, makes a meditation that everyone should pay respect teacher before fighting.




The way to bless a  teacher is:


  1. Theppanom
  2. Krab Benjangkapradit
  3. Kob Phra Mae Thoranee
  4. Bucha Thep
  5. Thep Nimit
  6. Narai Kwang Jak
  7. Phayak Dom Kwang
  8. Doo Dussakorn
  9. Tha Duen Sukkasem
  10. Yang Sam Kum


    1.Theppanom  sitting in the middle, face to another face.




    2. Krab Benjangkapradit,  Krab with both hands, head and knees are on the floor.



     3. Kob Phra Mae Thoranee, begin with Theppanom and draw two hands to the outer sides and Kob Phra Mae Thoranee to the breast.




      4. Bucha Thep, from Theppanom, Kob Phra Mae Thoranee and turn your face to the forehead



       5. Thep Nimit, stand up with the feet in orderly with Wai on the breast.




        6. Narai Kwang Jak from Thep Nimit, raise right foot to the front, the right hand is on the right knee, the left hand goes to the back, and then lay the right foot.




       7. Phayak Dom Kwang, when you go to your side, Wai and turn back to the opponent




       8. Doo Dussakorn, Yang Sam Kum, touch the floor for 3 times and go to the opponent’s corner and look at the opponent



        9. Tha Duen Sukkasem, walk around with tiptoe left and right and raise your hands up and down.




        10. Yang Sam Kum, walk straight to 1-2 and raise knee next to the elbow and change the foot.    



The way for dancing must have an instrument which comprise of Pee, drum. It will show Salama song until the pay respect of teacher is finished.  Besides, when they begin the first round, they will play Kake Jao Cen song.


The benefits of Muay Thai


  1. Healthy body
  2. Healthy mind
  3. You can protect yourself and others.
  4. Have self-confidence
  5. Reserve the sports
  6. Witty
  7. To be gentleman
  8. Be brave
  9. Can make to your occupation





The equipment of Muay Thai






The equipment for drills, you should clean and dry without sunlight .






Rope for practicing, you should keep it tidy.





Kra Jab Lek for the competition, you should choose the number and size that suits you.



By : Hero Sporto'















Last modified : 12 Mar 2009 - 05:29 PM (GMT+7:00)
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