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The ways to add physical power



The ways to add physical power



              1. exercises with bare hand for muscle, stretch joints to protect from injury.



1.1    neck exercise


  1. standing with open legs, hands on the waist, and turn left, turn your head slowly to left and right.
  2. Move the head forwards and backwards.
  3. Turn your neck to left and right.
  4. Rest and look at your feet




1.2    exercise with shoulder and arms


  1. twist your arms with shoulder both left and right
  2. stretching both hands to the front
  3. rest with downwards, and push yourself from the floor.



1.3    exercise on abdomen


  1. sitting and lifting your feet into V figure
  2. sleep and lift the knee 45 degrees and stand and sit
  3. sleep and touch your head with your hand and lift your feet up and down


1.4    exercise with the back muscle


  1. sleep and stretch your hands to the back
  2. sleep and let your partner touch, lift them up and down.

1.5    exercise the waist


  1. sit in the 45 degree position  and stretch your arms to touch the left and right
  2. stand and twisting to left and right.
  3. stand upward and downward
  4. stand and turning to left and right


1.6    exercise with the lower muscle


  1. running on the spot
  2. sitting and lifting the forefoot up and down


   2. exercise your body with weight


2.1    increase your hand power by


     a. lift your weight for 10 times

     b. sleep and push the weight for a set each set is 10 times




    c.  Lift your weight in to chin level a set each set for 10 times

    d.  Lift your weight above and under head 10 times





    e.  Lift your weight to the front up and down for 10 times

    f.  Lift your weight and open your arms up and down for 10 times.





2.2    add your leg power for kicking


     a. hold your weight and release your knee up and down for 10 times.




     b. Hold your weight and stand on tiptoe 10 times.




     c.  Sit and lift the weight with the forefoot for 10 times




     d.  Sleep and lift the weight for 10 times.




2.3    exercise the abdomen for strength


     a. pull your feet and sit up




     b. pull your feet and lift the weight from left to right 10 times.




      c.  Handle and lift your feet up and down.




     3. For adding the ability in a full cycle for endurance and flexibility


    a. first cycle




    1. run 1 round



    2.  lift your body from your waist 10 times




     3.  skip on the bench 10 times




     4.  sit up with the hands on the knee 10 times




     5.  skip with both legs on the tyres




     6.  rest with spring the hand left-right 5 times



     7.  sit and stand 10 times




     8.  hands touch the back of the neck and sit up 10 times.




  1. watch
  2. the chart cycle
  3. bench
  4. tyres for 6
  5. mat


    b. the 2nd cycle




   1. run




   2. push with your knee on the floor for 10 times.




   3. step upwards and downwards for 10 times




   4. sit up with the hands touching the knee for 10 times



   5. jump for 10 times




   6. swim on the floor 10 times




   7. skip with  mixed feet for 10 times




   8. the hands touch the back of the neck and sit up for 10 times.



  1. timer watch
  2. rope
  3. bench

   1. To add special abilities


  1. Strength, you should practice

1.1    lift weights and add the weight little by little

1.2    fight with the one who has more weight than the ordinary one.

1.3    Run with the punch bag on your feet


    2. speed, you should practice

2.1    punch with speed of boxing

2.2    running with and without obstacles.


     3.  tensity (power), you should practice

3.1    lift weight with speed



     4. flexibility, you should practice

4.1    running

4.2    gymnastic technique

4.3    stretching your body.


     5. tolerance, you should practice

5.1    running 5-10 kms. 4 days per week

5.2    using a ball to hit your stomach for endurance.


    2. The way to test the ability of your body for these objectives:


  1. For studying the practicing techniques
  2. For find ways to improve the bad points of the boxer
  3. For studying the basic of the difference between the other athletes.


In studying the ability of the athletes, there are popular ways :


   1. examining the body of the athletes that is proper or not.

   2. examining the Anthropometry that this kind of sports suits you or not.

   3. the testing of muscle

  1. the muscle of hands, arms, back and legs.
  2. The power of the muscle
  3. Speed by running 50 metres.


   4. examining the ability of heart

  1. examining vital capacity
  2. examining the maximum breathing capacity


   5. examining of the blood circulation

  1. examining the blood pressure
  2. x-ray the volume of heart


   6. examining the aerobic capacity by

  1. Bicycle Ergometer
  2. Treadmill
  3. Step test


   7. examining from the laboratory

  1. Haemoglobin
  2. The amount of the red blood


Besides, there are examinations from International Committee for the Standardization of Physical Fitness Test which comprise of:


  1.  Running at speed for 50 metres for testing speed
  2. Standing and jumping for testing muscle
  3. The hand power for testing the strength of muscle
  4. Sit up 30 sec. for testing the tolerance of muscle
  5. a.  pulling joint for testing the tolerance of muscle
  6. Running and keep the things testing for flexibility
  7. Sitting for flexibility
  8. Long distance running for the tolerance.


       3. The way to lose weight


You should choose to lose Carbohydrate and fat only.  For example, rice, flour, sugar but you must increase Protein.

            The boxer should not drink sweet water because it gives high calories and add your weight.  You should drink only drinking water.


            In the boxing cycle, there are two ways for losing weight:


  1. Losing far for the power of muscles and joints weight that are the good way.
  2. This way loses fat and muscle ang gets water out of  the body.  This way is not good and has bad results such as:
  1. Make the blood tensify because the body’s lack of water.
  2. The operation of the kidneys are down.
  3. The sweat is little and creates an acid in the tissues.
  4. The heart is running slower.


The control food for boxer:

North eastern food


  1. Som Tum (no sugar)
  2. Lap, Namtok (no fat) and not too sour
  3. Sup Nor Mai
  4. Fried chicken
  5. Rice

Ordinary food


  1. Sour Hot Bean Noodle
  2. Nam Prik and boiled vegetable
  3. Rice
  4. Salad (no sugar)
  5. Fruits that cannot eat in every type.
  6. The beverage which comes from Protein that cannot eat too.
  7. The beverage of minerals that you cannot drink protein-based beverages.
  8. If you eat a lot of vegetables, you should drink a lot of water.

     By : Hero Sporto'












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