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Look in the World of Muay Ying.




Look in the World of Muay Ying.


Billionmore interviews another trainer and his star Muay Ying to find out more about the world of female Muay Thai.  This time BM spoke to Yuttachai of Au. Yuttachai Camp with his Muay Ying, Pukky.






Ajarn Yuttachai gave his view on his student.


BM:  What are your feeling with Pukky?

Yuttachai:  I am very proud of her because she is famous for the school.


BM:  What about her routine activity of Muay Ying?

Yuttachai: After school, she must run  for 5 kms and drill with male boxers.


BM:  Are there any problems about the drills?

Yuttachai:  No, there aren’t.


BM:  How do they match one Muay Ying to another for a fight?

Yuttachai:  It depends on form of boxing, the weight, the skill and statistics in fighting.


BM: If you knew who she is fighting, what should you do?

Yuttachai:  You must study how her way of fighting is, sometimes by internet or other medias.


BM: Are there any fighter that she doesn’t want to fight?  

Yuttachai:  No, she always likes boxing.


BM: Now what weight does Pukky fight at?

Yuttachai:  36 kgs.


BM: What are the  disadvantages or advantages of the shape of Pukky?

Yuttachai:   She has an advantage in her height.


BM: After boxing, is there a break for Pukky?

Yuttachai:   She can relax for a few days and come back for the drills.


BM: What is your plan for Pukky?

Yuttachai:   She can study with the foundation until she finishes graduation from the university.


Then we questioned Pukky the Muay Ying.



BM:  When was your dream for being Muay Ying?

Pukky:  When I was 9 years old.

BM:  How did you come?

Pukky:   I looked at my friend fighting and I liked it.


BM:   Besides boxing and studying, what other activities do you have?

Pukky:   I play many sports such as Football, running and so on.


BM:  What about the friends at your school?

Pukky:  I have good friends who admire me.


BM:  In your school, are there any male students?

Pukky:   Yes, there are and I am accustomed to them.


BM: What can you give to your school by being Muay Ying?

Pukky:    It can make my school well-known.


BM:  How many times have you fought for?

Pukky:    More than 40 times.


BM:  What is the biggest fight you have had?

Pukky:   Assawindum.


BM:  Who did you fight?

Pukky:   Arm Cho. Ek Kun Suk.


BM:   How was the result?

Pukky:   Lose two and win one.


BM:  What fight was  your most impressive?

Pukky:   In the 1st of Assawindum , I take it Arm is a boxer



BM:   And the biggest failure?

Pukky:    I lost to Jom Yut Ying and Loma.


BM:  When you have a severe pain, do you want to quit the boxing, or not?

Pukky:    No, I’ve never.


BM:   What kind of boxing do you like most?

Pukky:  I like to punch and kick boxing.


BM:  If you have to fight a boxer who’s superior to you?

Pukky:  Don’t do anything but make my mind strong.


BM:  Whom do you want to fight with at this moment?

Pukky:   Arm or Mai Muang.


BM:  What is your aim of Muay Ying?

Pukky:    Being the Olympic Champion like Somjit Jongjorhor.



Name:                                       Ratchaneekorn  Sodama.

Nickname:                                 Pukky Au. Yuttachai.

Age:                                         12 years old.

Weight:                                     37 kgs.

Height:                                      149 cms.

Education:                                Ban Huay Yang School, Leoi province.

Statistics for fighting:                 43 wins, 6 defeats

Fruits:                           Mangoes, grapes.

Special hobbies:                        Football, running.

Colour:                                     Blue.

Aim:                                         To be Champion like Somjit  Jongjorhor.

By : Hero Sporto'








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