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Bua Khao the Greatest Of K-1







  Bua Khao The Greatest Of K-1 


Bua Khao Po Pramuk is a Thai boxer who is well known in the world as the world champion of K-1. K-1 is a type of boxing like Thai boxing, but the use of the elbow is not allowed and there are softer rules than in Thai boxing. Many foreigners take up K-1 in the Thai boxing style.

Bua Khao Po Pramuk has practised Thai boxing when eight years old at Surin province and then came to Bangkok when 15 years old. Bua Khao Po Pramuk went to Po Pramuk boxing group and then was the Thai boxing champion of Wethi Om Noi (the Thai boxing ring). Moreover he was the many champions of Thai boxing and international boxing as in below:

 - Omnoi Stadium Featherweight Champion

 - Muay Thai Authority of Thailand Featherweight Champion

 - Omnoi Stadium Lightweight Champion

 - Lumpinee Stadium Lightweight 2nd place

 - Toyota Muay Thai marathon tournament 140 lb. class winner

 - KOMA GP Lightweight Champion

 - K-1 WORLD MAX 2004 Champion

 - K-1 WORLD MAX 2005 Finalist

 - S1 Superwelterweight World Champion

 - WMC Midlleweight World Champion



The history of Bua Khao Por Pramuk

‘Bua Khao Po Pramuk has practised Thai boxing from the age of 8 and went to Bangkok when he was 15 years old. Bua Khao won many championships and in C.E.2002 defeated the Japanese boxer Kho Ba Ya Chi. Then in CE 2004 Bua Khao became the champion of the K-1 World Max 2004 in Tokyo, Japan, by beating John Wayne Parr, the Australian boxer, and Kho Hi Ru Ya Ma Khi, the Japanese boxer and the former champion. However, the next year, Bua Khao was defeated on points. When in CE 2006 Bua Khao became champion of K-1 again, he was the first double champion. In CE 2007 he competed in K-1 World Max again, but did not win the title.’

The next fighting of Bua Khao

Bua Khao is scheduled to fight John Wayne Parr again in Jamaica on Friday, June 26th. John Wayne Parr has trained in Thai boxing for a long time and he was the runner-up for Contender Asia when he was defeated by Yod SaenKlai Fairtex.

Reference From: www.jabchai .com















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