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To be in memory of Seansak Muangsurin




 In memory of Seansak Muangsurin

Seansak Muangsurin was born in 13 August B.E.2494 (C.E.1951). His real name was Boonsong Mansri, he was born in Phetchabun province. Seansak was a special boxer because he had a longer reach than the other boxers and he had a powerful left punch. He was the fifth champion boxer of Thailand. Moreover, Seansak fought three fights only, then he was the world champion boxer. It was the best record in the world.

Seansak  had practiced Thai boxing before he took up international-style boxing. In Thai boxing his name was “Seansaep PhetCharoen”. After that he went to Bangkok and lived in the “Muangsurin” camp of Sanong RakWaNit. He fought many of the top Thai boxers such as “Sirimongkol Looksiripak”, “Wichannoi Pornthawi” and “Phut Lolek”. He had been the champion of Lumpini stadium.




Seansak fought international style boxing in "the seventh Laem Thong Games"  at Singapore. Seansak defeated by knockout every fight so he got the gold medal from these games. From this situation Phaya Insi or Thiamboon Thailand became Seansak’s promoter and supported him as he went on to fight in international boxing. Seansak had fought only three fights when he became world champion in final fight he defeated Perico Fernandez in C.E.1971. He was a hero and very popular in Thailand.

Seansak was successful in his career. There were many fights where he impressed the Thai people, but after a short time Seansak had a problem with his eye. In B.E. 2532(C.E.1989) he was defeated by Kim Sang Han, the Korean boxer, in his eighth defence of his title. After about three years Seansak was defeated by Sung Chae Hang, another Korean boxer, in the temporary stadium of Wat Bueng Phlan Chai. This was the last fight of Seansak Muangsurin.



Seansak died in 16 April C.E.2009. At Rajwitee hospital, Bangkok from the cause of ruptured intestine. There was the funeral of Seansak at Wat Trithot Sathep on 20 April C.E.2009. At the funeral General Phichit KunLaWanit who is Privy Councilor of the present king was the chairman of cremation .


The historic fights of Seansak Muangsurin:

1. The gold medal of seventh Southeast Asia Game at Singapore

2. The world champion in Lightwelterweight of WBC

3. 15 July B.E.2518 defeated Perico Fernandez by knockout

4. 29 June B.E.2519 defeated Migel Velasquez in Spain

5. There were 8 fights of Seansak defending the world championship

6. 5 December B.E.2524 was defeated by Hang Sung Chae. This was the last fight of Seansak.

Seansak will live in memory of Thai people forever.

Reference from: http://www.wikepedia.com/







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