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Amazing Samson Tor Buamad!





Amazing Samson Tor Buamad!

Samson Sosiriporn or Samson TorBuamad is the first Thai woman to be a world champion boxer. Samson Sosiriporn has the real name of “Siriporn TaweeSuk” and nickname “Som”. She was born on 26 April B.E.1982 at Lopburi province.

Samson is a daughter of Mr. Manop TaweeSuk and Miss PornSiri Khamsi. Her parents divorced and died when she was a child. After that, she lived with her grand mother and studied until she finished elementary education. Then she did not study or work, so her friends invited her to try drugs. She became addicted to drugs and, then, a drug dealer. She was arrested while she was selling the drugs. A court sentenced her to ten years imprisonment. After she had served her punishment for two years, she was sent to a special women’s prison.

In C.E.2005, the special women’s prison held the boxing camp named Sosiriporn. Samson decided to join the boxing camp because she was interested in boxing. There was a Thai woman boxer from this camp “Nong Mai” who competed for the world championship. She was defeated by Nanako Kikuchi by knock out in seventh round. After that, the camp supported Samson to compete for the world championship with Nanako again but Samson was defeated on points. However, she did not give up and practiced hard every day. Samson competed for the world championship again because there was a vacancy for the Light flyweight world championship. Samson beat Ayaka Miyano, the Japanese boxer on points and she is a first Thai woman to be world champion boxer.

The Department of Correction reduced Samson’s punishment on 13 June 2008 because of her success. However, Samson must report to the Department of Correction every month.

Samson Tor Buamad of Thailand defended her WIBA flyweight champion title for the first time against Chinese the challenger Luo Yu Jie in June.

The match of Samson and Luo was held as part of the event in Si Satchanalai, Sukhothai, in Northern Thailand on June 17.

Luo, seen as a “dangerous” opponent for Samson, reportedly planned to beat the Thai champion with a knockout in order to bring the Women's International Boxing Association title to China, said a Thai organizer.

Former deputy Prime Minister Somsak Thepsuthin as well as the local authorities who want to promote the local products of the Sukhothai province and encourage youth to divert attention from drugs to sport organized the event.

However, the result of the fight was that Samson defeated Luo on points. The fighting was very enjoyable and fantastic.

Reference: www.wikepedia.com, www.siamsport.com






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