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Muay Khat Chueak (Ancient Muay Thai)


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Muay Khat Chueak (Ancient Muay Thai)

Muay Khat Chueak is ancient Thai boxing where boxers must tie a rope in both fists. Nowadays, Muay Khat Chueak is banned because it was very harmful to the boxer.

Rule of Muay Khat Chueak:

Before a fight the boxers must tie the rope in both fists until it is hard then the boxers will tie the holy cloth or what Thai people call “Pha Prachiat” on their arms. Besides, the boxers have to perform for committees to find a suitable opponent before fighting. Fighting will continue until one of boxers surrenders or knocked out.

Muay Khat Chueak is usually held in a lawn or temple court that has a rope to separate the ring. There is a referee in the ring for stop fighting.

In the era of King Rama VI, PhayaNontiSenSurenTharaPhakdi (Mac SianSeWi) held a first formal Muay Khat Chueak. The fighting was held at Suan Kulap boxing ring in Bangkok.

Reason for banning Muay Khat Chueak

A reason for cancelling Muay Khat Chueak was because many boxers died from fighting such as a fight of “Phae LiangPrasoet”. The boxers of this fight were Thai boxer “Phae LiangPrasoet” and Cambodia boxer “Jia”. In third round Phae LiangPrasoet used “Hanuman ThawaiWaen” (double fists), punched at Adam’s apple of Jia and continuously punched until Jia lost consciousness and died in hospital.

Therefore, the Ministry of Interior changed the rule of Muay Khat Chueak from tying the rope to wearing boxing gloves.

Muay Khat Chueak in the present:

Nowadays, there is Muay Khat Chueak in Burma. By the way, Thailand holds Muay Khat Chueak for show in festivals only. There is Muay Khat Chueak between Thai boxers and Burmese boxers in SongKarn festival at Tak province but the fighting uses the Burmese rule.


Popular Muay Khat Chueak Boxers in the past:


  1. Nai KhanomTom
  2. BangSaLep SonKhwai
  3. YangHan Thale
  4. Muen Cha-ngat Choeng Chok
  5. Phae LiangPrasoet








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