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Muay Thai 4 Phak

SPORT NEWS 40 : Muay Thai 4 Phark

(Phak are Parts of Thailand)

     Muay Thai is a Thai culture
that has occurred for a long time.
In the past, there were many wars around Thailand so Thai people
had to practise Muay Thai while they practised using the weapons for protecting themselves and the country

     Muay Thai is a free style fighting that can use every part of the body to fight. Muay Thai can be divided into 4 kinds from the parts of Thailand.

    1. Muay Thai in the northern part of Thailand is called “Muay Tha Sao”. Muay Tha Sao was very popular in Thonburi’s era and a well-known Muay Tha Sao was Phae LiangPrasoet from Uttaradit province who fought with Cambodia boxer Jia. In the third round Phae LiangPrasoet used “Hanuman ThawaiWaen” (double fists), punched the Adam’s apple of Jia and continuously punched until Jia lost consciousness and died in hospital.
         Therefore, the Ministry of Interior changed the rule of Muay Khat Chueak from tying the rope to wearing boxing gloves.


       2. Muay Thai in the northeast part of Thailand is called “Muay Khorat”. Muay Khorat has a style of fighting at a distance. Muay Khorat was very popular in the reign of King Rama III and a popular Muay Khorat boxer was Muen Cha-ngat Choeng Chok or “Daeng ThaiPrasoet”.

     3. Muay Thai in the central part of Thailand is called “Muay Lopburi”. Muay Lopburi has a style of fighting at close range. Muay Lopburi was very popular in the reign of King Rama V and a famous Lopburi boxer was Muen Muay Maen Mat or “Kling” who came from Lopburi province. Kling was a clever boxer.

    4. Muay Thai in the southern part of Thailand is called “Muay ChaiYa”. Muay Chaiya has a style of fighting at close range. Muay Chaiya boxers are experts at fighting with elbows. Phaya Chi Satta Ya Rak who was a governor of Chaiya province passed on knowledge to his son. A well known Chaiya boxer was Plong ChamnongThong.  



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