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Interview with Liam Robinson

      SPORT NEWS 39 : Interview with Liam Robinson

     On 27th November 2009, Billionmore had an opportunity to interview a fighter who is one of Billionmore’s customers, Liam Robinson. He is both master boxer and trainer and also a designer.

    Liam Robinson
   He is able to design boxer shorts which have their own uniqueness.  According to the reasons above make us feel interested in him and would like to know more about him by means of this interview.

BM : Would you like to tell me about your childhood?
     Liam : When I was young, I studied at grammar school. And When I’m 17 years old, I went to college to learn about Internet Programming.  After that, the college took me to train in London to learn about software program. When I was young, I started playing football, long distance running and cricket. I started learning Muay Thai when I was 16 years old.

BM : What do you do nowadays?
     Liam : I’ve worked in the same company for 9 years. First, I worked as website designer, and now I’m working about E-commerce Program for Shopping cart to buy online.
I can use many programs, such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks. I do program EPOS with computer control and for tills in retail outlets.        

BM : You have full-time job and practicing Muay Thai, How do you manage your life?
     Liam : Sometimes, it’s quite difficult because I have many things to do. I wake up early for running before working, and go to the gym for training when I finished working. In my gym, I have a lot of young boxers include boys and girls to train. Sometimes it’s quite late when I finish everything at the gym. I haven’t enough time to rest, but I try to do everything best.

BM : What is your inspiration to practice Muay Thai?
     Liam : First of all, I just started to learn Muay Thai for losing weight and get fit. And then, I enjoyed it. I think Muay Thai in Thai Style is different from K-1. It’s very hard and has a lot of techniques, but I like to learn and teach my students with this style. My inspiration to practice Muay Thai in Thai Style is just to get better for fighting in the stadium, Lumpini and Rajadumnern. I fight in the classic style and my strong points are knee and left kick.

BM : What is your inspiration to design the shorts?
     Liam : It started from my friends who asked me to design the shorts for them. They asked me “Can you do this? I like this program on TV. Can you put it on the shorts? I can’t do Photoshop, but you can.” So, I just made it for them and like to do it. I like to put cartoon characters on the shorts because I teach a lot of children and they like cartoon. When I go to teach and wear these shorts, they are very happy.
BM : Why you choose “Hero”?
     Liam : Because Hero Sporto’ can do everything that I want. First time, I found some websites from the Internet for buy 1 or 2 pairs of shorts, but they were the same design. But when I asked you about the style that I want, you said you can do it, that’s why I choose Hero Sporto’. Moreover, Hero Sporto’ always uses different materials and has good quality. Because other shorts we found in Thailand have no good quality, the colour will go away when I washed, but Hero Sporto’ doesn’t.


BM : How many times do you visit in Thailand? And what are your favorites in Thailand?
     Liam : This time is 12th, and I started coming to Thailand when I was 18 years old. I like boxing training and Thai Food. I like to eat spicy but not too much. We have shop in England with Thai ingredients. They are good for losing weight. And about Thai language, I used to speak very well when I stayed in Thailand for a long time. But now, I just come back for 2 weeks for my holiday, I forgot a lot.

BM : We have known you have a fiancée, Sheree Halliday, and she is a boxer, too?
     Liam : Yes, she is. Sheree likes this sport a lot. Right now, she’s number 1 in England. Last year, she fought 4 times in Bangkok and won 4 times. 3 were knockout wins, I think.

BM : When will you get married?
     Liam : Next year, my brother will get married. So, I will wait, maybe 2011.

BM : Are you interested in getting married in Thailand?
     Liam : I’m not sure because my grand parents are quite old and they can’t fly. Maybe I will come to Thailand after that because I have a lot of Thai friends from the gym and everybody wants to bless us.

BM : After marriage, do you permit your fiancée practice Muay Thai?
     Liam : Yes, because she likes it a lot. If she’s happy, I’m happy, too.


SPECIAL THANKS : Liam Robinson



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