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PraMuanSak (GorGiatGym) bombards an Indonesian challenger to 7th round defeat



PraMuanSak (GorGiatGym) bombards an Indonesian challenger to 7th round defeat


On May 11th 2007, world-class boxing took place at YaSo Thorn temporary stadium to celebrate BangFai YaSo Thorn M150 TaLom BalLang Loke.


The main event was between PraMuanSak (GorGiat Gym), the Asian Pacific Junior Bantamweight champion (a Thai boxer) and Jimmy GoBel of Indonesia.


In the 1st round both boxers varied their tactics and attacked violently. PraMuanSak tried to punch GoBel, but GoBel clinched and dragged him down so that he could not land his punches.


In the 5th round GoBel adopted strategies from Thai boxing, using knee and elbow, but PraMuanSak avoided his attacks.


In the 6th round PraMuanSak was well on top, punching GoBel many times until he could not protect himself. Although GoBel tried to defend himself. PraMuanSak still punched him continuously until GoBel was out on his feet.


Finally PraMuanSak retained his Junior Bantam Weight title with a 7th round TKO victory.

Source : Siamsport Newspaper on May 12, 2007

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Last modified : 11 Sep 2007 - 11:53 PM (GMT+7:00)
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